How To Register

Your Workers

How To Register

Please follow the steps below to register your workers.

We suggest you read through the instructions before you get started and allow yourself time to source and upload the information needed. A nominated administrator from your business will be required to complete the steps below for each worker who needs site access.

User guides with screenshots can be found on the Help and Resources page.

Let’s get started!

Step 1 > Login to add your workers

Log into Avetta Connect and click the Workers tile on the left-hand menu, then click the Workforce (Pegasus US) button.

If you don’t immediately see the AbbVie tile, click on the Add or Remove Portals button and select the AbbVie tile.

Select Manage Roles and then Add New Employee to add each worker’s details. If your worker already exists, simply click on their profile.

Step 2 > Select a site

Find the employee on the “Employees Available” list, click their name, click Continue, then select Add Site(s) and select the AbbVie – Irvine site to associate your worker to. The worker will automatically be assigned the AbbVie Irvine Onsite Contractor Role

Step 3 > Assign to Orientation

Click AbbVie Irvine Onsite Contractor > Click AbbVie Irvine Onboarding Orientation > Click Next > Your worker will receive an email with login credentials and instructions to complete the orientation

Registration Payments

Each new worker registration will cost $20.00 USD.

You will receive a one monthly invoice that includes all new employee entrees for that month.